An automatic and efficient
stapling machine for pallet
collar production

Klammermaskin KM1200

We are now proud to present the KM1200, our latest innovative, automatic stapling machine. You will be able to use the KM1200 to rationalise material costs.

Most people currently use a whole piece of timber to make each part of the pallet collar. Reducing the width slightly and stapling tongue and groove timber together can cut timber
costs while also making the production process more cost effective.

You will be able to use the KM1200 to rationalise material costs.

Stapling Machine KM1200

Over the years, Svenska Balk System has developed and manufactured a range of pallet collar production machinery.

 At present, tongue and groove pallet collar parts are produced manually. Manual stapling is prone to misalignment

lengthwise or widthwise. The KM1200 stapling machine is designed for automatic joining (alignment and clamping), stapling and loading onto pallets.

It is also easy to link the machine to our SBS-2400 pallet collar machine. It is easy to set material lengths of 543-1200 mm.

The KM1200 is fitted with sensors to detect the timber and staples and warn when they are running low. The machine is constructed on a strong steel frame, and uses top quality components for safe, reliable operation.

We are not tied to any particular make of staple gun – the KM1200 can use the customer’s preferred make.


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