SBS2400 – SuperFast and Flexible

SBS2400 – Pallet Collar Machine

SBS2400 produced of component with very high quality. The machine is build up on a strong frame. It is module built which means the different moment of the production can be chosen. As option auto picking from pallet with 5 remnants and automatic pallet charging, cutting off equipment can be received. SBS 2400 has as standard IDprint equipment in the line. Further, for example logo or similar are screen printed on
the material. You can choose different colours on the print. The machine is sure in operation and very fast. In 6 seconds SBS 2400 drills, riverts montage, turns, hinges montage, print, stacking one parts of a pallet-collar on a lift table with pallet.

An automatic flexible split second palletcollar machine SBS 2400 for boards between 543 – 2400 mm.

Technical specifications

Board length, min-max 543-2400 mm.
Cycle time 6 seconds
Steering system plc Siemens
El-power 400V/50 Hz, 25 ampere
Air consumption 750 l/min with 6 bar
Store for board Ca 25 pcs
Store for hinges Ca 70 pcs
ID-printing system Black
Screen print system 1-colour print (free colour choice)
Can be complete with: Saw, picker and transport system

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