We’re always on hand for support and training


Once we’ve delivered a product to you, we’ll provide any training that’s required on how to operate the machine in production.

We’ll go through any safety regulations as well, of course.

A key point is regular servicing to ensure a reliable and safe production flow. We go through the parts that will need servicing, as well as the lubricants that should be used. Most of the time, training takes place on site with the customer.

Support seven days a week

We’ve always got time for our customers. Should something go wrong unexpectedly, we’ll do everything we can to put it right immediately.

If we’re unable to solve the problem over the phone, we’ll come and fix things as quickly as we can.

We hold a large stock of spare parts.

If it’s on the shelf, we’ll send it the same day using the quickest mode of transport available. If you can and want to pick it up yourself, we’ll arrange this as best we can.

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Box 79
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Phone: +46(0)36-65040